How to Write a Sugid Blog

Quick Description:
Writing a blog according to the SUGID method is critical to success. By eliminating the drama often found in blogs, keeping to the facts helps people stay focused and will better ensure they will use your blog.

Tools Needed:
• Word Processor such as Microsoft Word ($$$) or Google Docs (FREE).
• Camera/Video Recorder
YouTube Account (Optional)
• Time: 15 minutes – 1 hour

Steps to Take (8 Steps):
1. Select a category for your blog.
2. Title your blog. Be specific as it will help people searching for the right answer. “How to fold a queen-sized fitted sheet” is far better than “how to fold a fitted sheet.”
3. Add a short “quick description” that helps highlight the project and why you use the method you will list below.
4. (Optional) Add an image of the end product or of the problem you are solving for.
5. List all the tools required in the process of the project. More details the better; “6 Arrow 1-1/4 inch brad nails” is better than just “brad nails”. Leave a link to the tool on Amazon or other site so others can easily find what they need. Place the word “(optional)” after tools that better improve the project but are not required for completion.
6. List the steps required with the most detail possible. Not all people will understand the flow between steps. Eliminate any points of confusion and make it easy for newbies.
7. Place photographs between steps when applicable. Videos capturing the step by step process should be placed at the end.
8. Add a promo to your site or social media handle if applicable.
9. Add any additional information that people might want to know or should know at the end. Most people never read this so a SUGID blog places the fluff at the end.
10. Proof read
11. Email to SUGID.
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Note that reserves the right to edit blogs. We may do so if links require updating, steps are missing, or the instructions are errant, offensive, or misleading. Authors of blogs also have the ability to change their material at any time.

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