How To Fix A Slightly Sliced Vitamix Tamper

You cheated and used your Vitamix tamper without the cover on and now it has a few cuts in it. If the bottom isn’t missing (as in the image below), and you only have a few cuts, you can fix it.


Tools Needed:
• Your sliced Vitamix tamper
• A hot electric stove element
• Minor ventilation
• A cup of water
• Five Minutes



Steps to Take (Up to 6 Steps):

1. Preheat The Stove Element
It does not take too much heat to melt the tamper’s plastic; a low heat is fine. Don’t attempt to use a gas burner. Make sure you turn on your hood vent to take away any smells.

photo 1







2. Place the Cut Section on The Element for 1-2 second periods.
Erase the cuts by melting the tamper. Place the tamper on the hot element for no more than one second or two seconds. Slightly turn it as you maintain contact to get an even melt.

photo 2







3. Check for Evenness
Ensure the melted plastic has erased the slices and that the plastic will be relatively smooth. NOTE: DON’T TOUCH IT. You don’t want food or cleaning sponges getting caught in grooves or rough spots.

photo 3







4. Turn Off the Stove
Keep the hood vent on for a while to make sure the smell of melted plastic doesn’t linger.

5. Wait 30 Seconds
Let the newly melted/fixed tamper cool before dipping it the water

6. Cool in Water
Cool the hot tamper in water for 30 seconds and then make sure the plastic is fully sealed with no remaining slices in the tamper.

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