Have Windows 10 And Wish To Revert Back?

The launch of Windows 10 is finally here and many early adopters are enjoying the free upgrades offerings. However, many PC users are finding that the “lag” on their computer’s resources and misc. issues not worth it just yet. If you have upgraded and wish you would have waited don’t trip..SUGID has you covered!

Steps To Take (4)

Step 1: Click and open the start menu and select “settings”.







Step 2: Select the “update & security” icon/button and choose “recovery”.












Step 3: Choose the previous version from the list of options.

Step 4: Click the “Get Started” button, grab a cup of coffee and watch the magic happen.

Note*: If you have installed the Windows 10 upgrade over a month ago, or if you’ve removed the “Previous Windows installations” files by hand — you’ll no longer see this option. Windows 10 automatically removes the old Windows installation files after about a month to free up space on your machine.

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