How to Fill Your Lego Club Box with the SUGID Method

Every month, Lego club members are given a box to fill from the pick-a-brick wall.  This blog will teach you how to fill it with the SUGID method, meaning filled with good large pieces and not studs and other worthless filler.

Tools Needed:
• 1 Lego Club Box
• 15 minutes

5 Steps to Take:

1. Build a 10×10 stud (AKA knob) base mostly of large Legos
Legos are measured by how many knobs or studs there are on the length and width.  The red brick below is a classic 2×4 Lego brick.  Make a base that measures 10 wide and 10 long.











2. Build the base 9 classic bricks high
Composed of large classic bricks, try to use the available blocks you will use when building common things.  Pro tip:  Stock up on long 2×8 bricks when you can.










3. Fill in the Sides
A Lego Club Box can actually fit 11×11 but instead of filling the sides with 1×4 bricks, which are not that fun to play with, fill the sides with unique pieces or thin plates. Avoid filling the sides with studs and 1×2 standard bricks.










4. Cover the Top
You can either tier the top with large bricks or cover the top with unique items that don’t stack well.  Cover the top generously before closing the flaps.











5. Close the Flaps
The flaps don’t have to close like a picturesque milk carton.  Fill it as full as you can just so the flaps tuck into slots.











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