How To Clear Your Gmail Outbox on Android

You have Gmail messages stuck in your outbox on your Android phone.  Fortunately, it is easy to clear although you will have to recompose your messages.  You will have to clear your data on the application with these easy steps.

Tools Needed:
•    An Android Phone
•    2-3 minutes

3 Steps to Take:

1. Go to Settings and find Gmail
Note the yellow box drawn around each selection you need to make.  The yellow box or the black numbers will not appear on your screen.  Note:  Your menus may be different based on phone model and operating system.  The pictures below were taken on a Samsung Galaxy 6S on Marshmallow (Android operating system)











2. Press “Clear Data”
Pressing clear data will not only free you up to send more messages but it will unfortunately delete the messages in your outbox.











3. Reopen the application
Most likely you will have to set up Gmail again and your messages have been deleted so you will have to compose them again.


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