Set Your Facebook Privacy Settings And Block People

What You Need:

1. Computer – Web Browser (SUGID Recommended)

2. Internet Connection

3. 5 Minutes

What You Need to Do (Up To 17 Steps):

1. Access and log into the website.

2. Click on the lock icon on the top-right hand side of the screen to get the drop-down menu.

3. Click Privacy Checkup; wait for the pop-up screen to appear.

4. Under the first point, “Your Posts”, make sure your setting is set to “Friends.” The other option is “Public” which is loved by stalkers, and scammers… don’t choose this.

5. After selecting “Friends” click “Next Step”.

6. Under the second point, “Your Apps” change everything to “Only Me” by clicking on the word “Friends.” Leave social apps such as news sites to “Friends” if you want people to see your comments on articles. The “Friends except Acquaintances” is also a good option.

7. Scroll through the entire list, checking each item before clicking “Next Step”.

8. Important: Under the third point, “Your Profile” change all items to “Only Me.”
Hackers love all of these important bits of data.

9. Click “Finish Up!”

10. On the next step, press “Close”

11. Go back to the lock on the right upper-hand corner and click “Who Can Contact Me.”

12. Select “Strict Filtering”, Facebook’s “Basic Filtering” still lets spammers and bullies though.

13. Under “Who can send me friend requests” make a selection based on your lifestyle. If you select “Everyone” then you have to vet new friend requests to continue to make yourself open to getting requests from new friends who are not connected to your social network.

14. Block anyone who may be harassing or stalking you by typing in their name or email address
in the box then hitting then pressing “Block”.

15. Look for the person you want to block, if multiple options are listed.

16. Press “Block.”

17. Confirm by pressing the “Block (insert name)” button. If they are annoying you,
you can un-follow them instead of blocking them.


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