SUGID is looking for investors to help the world rethink hardware.  We are following a three stage process to help make this a reality.

  1. Develop the brand
  2. Launch initial products
  3. Build the SUGID store

Let us break this down.

Before we sell a single hammer our first objective is to start building a brand based on our philosophy.  This will be first accomplished through building out based on the SUGID blogging formula.  Our site will start by activating the craftsman community to teach what they do with the opportunity to promote their own online stores.  Not limited to craft projects, will enable all people to blog on how-to subjects that range from video games to cooking.

The mission of the site is two-fold.  First, the goal is to create a place people go to for instant answers and thus build a brand that communicates the nature of our tools and solutions.  Secondly, the site will become a source of revenue, based on ads and referrals to other tool ecommerce sites.  Each blog will have a list of tools required for the job, which will be hyperlinked to third party sites to help people better understand what’s required and to also generate sales for referrals.

Launch the Initial Products

SUGID, is about hardware based on our philosophy and the first of many products has been under development and we have sought legal protection for this.  A mixture of new hardware and an ingenious idea, [name withheld] will transform the way parents decorate their children’s rooms.  This will be the first of many products that will carry the SUGID name.  As SUGID tools are released, we will replace the hyperlinks in the blogs on our site in favor of our own tools.

Sugid eCommerce

We are not about replacing your putty knife with a knife of a different color; we are however interested in developing a new way to fill holes left by nails.  Rather than selling you handful of tools to help you to get your damage deposit back, we want to provide people with kits that can accomplish the task more efficiently with less expense.  Our mission is not to fight with the names in the industry but to work with them and sell our products in their stores as well as to sell them online direct.  The SUGID logo can also serve as a licensed seal of approval for third-party items that fit our philosophy of Shut Up, Get It Done.

Invest with Us

We are looking for investors to partner with us to help fuel the development process of and our products by offering shares of ownership for capital.  Initial funding is earmarked for web and product development and future funding will be later sought to develop a fulltime staff to reach our goals.  We believe that this venture has the ability to easily sustain itself with a large potential for growth.  Contact Brook today to explore how a small investment can make you a part of this venture.

Brook Chelmo

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